God's open hand

“Thou openest Thine hand, and satisfiest the desire of every living thing.” Psalm 145:16.

Even though Americans don't converse in King James English, there is still something sublime about that tried and true version of God's Word. It still brings out and rings forth how God from the beginning loves all his creatures, from the least to the greatest.

Our dear God did not make us and then forsake us because of our sins. He created us and continues to provide all that we really need in this life. We are so good at forgetting that.

Because we work hard and passionately pursue our daily occupation, because we have developed and honed our talent and skills, because we can move faster and accomplish more than our ancestors dreamed to be possible, we boast of being self-made and extraordinary people.

With most everything we need or want available in convenience, grocery, hardware, variety, and mall stores, why bother to ask God for food clothing, shelter, happiness or success, etc.?How do you spell EBay?

This world, including us, needs regular reminders that if God failed for less than a second to open his hand, all would be absoltely nothing.

In God's good time, His open hand sends rain from the clouds, rays from the sun, fertility into the soil as well as other things visible and invisible, so that plants grow and we have food.

God's open hand provides people who tend animals and till the soil, mine minerals, pump petroleum ingredients, and manage stores. If God did not open his hand to make people, who would we work for, who would hire us, who would buy and use our products?

If God closed his hand for a second, where would we find air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat, and all else needed to keep our hearts beating and bodies functioning? God is always good, to believers and non-belivers! Not only does God take care of our bodies, he also opened his loving, gracious and merciful hand to send us His Son, Jesus, to save our precious souls from sin, death and Satan. God's open heart has room for us all.

Should we not regularly ask God to open our hearts and minds, so that we may acknowledge and receive His every good and perfect gift with joy and gratitude? How often do you thank God for Christ, Calvary 's Cross, forgiveness of sins and your free, future home in heaven?

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