Ralph Warren elected hospital board vice-chair

by C.F. David

In a special meeting on Friday night, Ralph Warren, found himelf elected by acclamation vice-chairman of the group.

The board heard from CEO Rod Burrus that two critical areas had been filled, Donna Cain, who had just had her license re-activated will take over as part-time director of the nursing home; also Marlene Grazier took the position as Director of nursing for the nursing home.

“She [Grazier] has attacked the job with tenacity,” Burrus said.

“She has gotten our med sheets updated and is getting things in order. We are getting some of our nurses to come back to the nursing home,” Burrus added.

Burrus told the board that the payroll taxes are paid in advance of issuing the payroll checks, and that the payroll was still two checks behind. The administration has however,begun giving raises.

“We are making sure we are giving raises in a fiscally responsible manner, and we'll give more in June” Burrus said. Burrus then explained that with the departure of Dr. Pam Yoga, and that incoming doctor Gary Mathews' financial needs were less, that money could be spread to the staff.

Paul Miller, the hospitial's C.F.O.told the board that the audit was complete and awaiting its results. He then said the Accounts Recievable was coming down from just over $1.6 million to $1.3 million. The community is giving us their business,” Miller said.

Connie Belford, Director of Nursing told the board that the hospital's admissions from the Emergency Room continues to lead the nation's average of 10 percent by six percentage points. “That continues to amaze me,” she said.

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