I may sound like a snake oil salesman, but my husband and I have been using oregano oil everyday for the past eight months. In that time, neither one of us have had a cold or have been sick. Several family members and friends have been using it with the same results.

Oregano oil is used to cure all kinds of things, but is most known as a natural antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and parasitic repellent that is taken internally ( a few drops at a time) or topically if needed. There is research also on its effectiveness with allergies.

It is best to use the kind from the Mediterranean and has a concentration over 73%. I know it is hard to believe, contact me and I can give you testimonies from people I know who use oregano oil. Or better yet, go on line and read about it. My sources come from www.nutritionworld.com and www.bio-alternatives.net.

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