Erratic behavior(s) lead to arrest of two men

by C.F. David

Two men were arrested in separate incidents in Cimarron County over the weekend.

Officers search park for suspect

The first incident took place on Saturday night at the Black Mesa State Park.

The individual, Jeff Burns was living near the Lakeside Grocery.  Burns and his unnamed brother became involved in an altercation, with Burns then leaving the area. The brother then called 9-1-1 and reported that Burns had “lost it” and left the area with a Samauri Sword.

Park Ranger Ron Mills, OHP Trooper Duane Johnson, Undersheriff Larry Taylor and Cimarron County Deputies Nathan Cobb and Derek Kincannon all responded to the park.

The park was occupied by several campers and the officers were concerned about Burns having a weapon.

After a two hour search in the dark, Burns surrendered to Johnson, Mills and Cobb.

Burns told the officers that he had intended to force them to kill him but had thrown the sword in a nearby creek instead.

A search for the weapon was unsuccessful, and Burns was arrested for public intoxication, and held on a $100 bond.

City man arrested for DUI, eluding, assault

The second incident occured just after three p.m. on Sunday afternoon. A Boise City man, Frank Wesley Hensley, stopped his car in a yard where a  woman and her children were standing. He then allegedly propositioned the woman for sex, and then apologized for his behavior and drove away. The woman called to report that she thought he was intoxicated, whereby Boise City Police Officer Rebecca Searle stopped him on Southeast Seventh St. According to Searle’s report, she questioned him and then asked him to exit the car for a field sobriety test, which he failed.

Officer Searle then called for backup from Police Officer Tonya Hicks, and upon instruction from Police Chief Dale Harper, prepared to take Hensley into custody.

According to Searle’s report Hensley then swore at the two female officers and called them a derogatory name. Hensley then got into his car and drove south on South Locust St. at speeds estimated by Searle to be 65 to 70 m.p.h.

He then turned and crossed South Cimarron Ave. then north on Beaver Ave. He again stopped; this time in a yard on North Beaver Ave. where he attempted to escape on foot. Searle had been pursuing Hensley and continued the pursuit until he was tackled in the 500 block of North Texas Ave. by Cimarron County Sheriff Keith Borth.

Hensley, according to Searle’s report, was swearing and spitting at her and Borth. Hensley continued to struggle until he was taken down and cuffed by Borth, Searle and Texas Corrections Officer Jesus Carrasco, a Boise City resident who had seen the struggle and went to help. Carrasco was also scratched as he struggled with Hensley.

Hensley was booked into the Cimarron County Jail for DUI, eluding, resisting arrest, assault and battery and assault on a police officer, (two counts), and damage to property. Bond was set at $13, 500.