Miller leaving C.M.H.; Burrus ready to leap

by C.F. David

Cimarron Memorial Hospital's CEO Rod Burrus reports that CFO Paul Miller will leave soon due to issues with his health .

“As soon as our cost report and audit is complete, Paul will be leaving for Louisiana,” Burrus said.

At present, Kevin Conner, a Keyes High and OSU graduate will fill Miller's shoes and slot.

“I like to hire locally when I can. Kevin is interested, and we have a long list of things that Paul didn't get done. He is, I think, going to get a shot at the job, and he seems to be ready for it,” Burrus added.

Asked if he [Burrus] was still thinking of leaving, he replied, “Planning on it; when I've found someone to take my place. I don't want to leave this chair open. That's what had happened when I came here, and it isn't prudent.”

“But, I won't give this seat up to anyone who doesn't exceed my expectations, Burrus said. “I am looking for someone with turnaround experience, and I have two people in mind. Amy Roberts and I interviewed for over six hours last Friday, (June 3).”

They are both young. The one I am most impressed with has 10 years experience,” Burrus explained.

Neither gentlemen have ever had a year they didn't make a profit, and they did it with the bottom line and not by laying people off. They both agree with me that it's easier to increase services than lay people off,” Burrus said.

Asked what he, himself might do for work, Burrus replied, “I haven't started looking.”

“As you probably know, OSU did a study that indicated that if the hospital goes, the schools and businesses would be next. The loss of this hospital would adversely affect the sustainability of Boise City.”

“I have 102 employees to think about, and 3,800 people in the county that my action, or inaction could effect. That's an awesome responsibility and it's not taken lightly,” Burrus said.

“I know there are people that it doesn't bother, but it bothers me. It would kill me if something happened to this place and it were my fault.”

“No one knows what this job entails unless you've sat in this chair.”

“I'm tired, it boils down to that fact,” Burrus said.

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