I had to smile when the sweet-faced man innocently asked, “Did you really walk all the way from Boise City to Tucumcari?” And then I laughed at his sincere wonderment, and I replied, “Sure I did! But not literally - only virtually!” This statement was met by a puzzled expression on the man’s face as he then asked how in the world I had the time to make that kind of journey. My answer? I had all the time in the world. For I had finally grasped the fact that time marches on, whether we’re walking somewhere on purpose or we’re simply standing still.

It is now just past a year since I took that first, somewhat wobbly step that began my quest for health. Yes, I did manage to make it - mile by mile - not only to Tucumcari, but beyond. I ‘wintered’ a little too long in that city with 1,200 motel rooms, and I spent over a month working out without walking….the snow was too deep and my constitution was too wimpy. But then came the crocus and the tulip, the first buds of renewed life, and I knew it was time to hit the road again. I have now walked 193 miles, and Santa Rosa, NM, is just 23 miles and a few hills away. My ‘pack’ is 66 pounds lighter, which makes each step more buoyant, and I’m joyfully looking forward, after finally letting go of the past.

And in the span of a year I have learned that what I thought would kill me, didn’t! I have learned that wholeness can be found in brokenness. I have learned that love is limitless when I love others without limits. I have learned that Jesus meant it when He said, “Seek, and you shall find. Knock, and the door shall be opened”. For I went seeking peace and I found it. And I knocked on several doors - the doors of understanding, acceptance and forgiveness - and each door gently opened forth. And most of all, across the months and miles, I have learned that God must surely wear tennis shoes - for He has faithfully walked beside me each step of the way!


Faith can sometimes be defined as “jumping off a cliff ”. Well, that’s certainly what my niece, Amy Gonzalez, and her partner, Judy Dawson, are doing - they are taking a leap of faith, even as they are pursing a shared dream! In just a few weeks, Boise City will have a new eating establishment called “Yellow Horse”. The two women have been hard at work (with the help of husbands and family) revamping the building that once housed The Finishing Touch. I will admit I haven’t a clue as to what kind of food they will be serving, but I have faith it will be excellently prepared and ‘down-home’ good! To Amy and Judy I say, “May your dream sprout wings and soar to success.” And to the rest of you, “Bon Appetit!”

And while we’re on the subject of food and new establishments, I hope that many of you have had the opportunity to drive just north of the dinosaur and turn left where the sign says “Enter”. Bob and Carol Gayler, along with their daughter, Cheryl Taylor, are turning the “old Machotka place” into a diverse business. At the house, you can buy Cheryl’s hand-made candles, along with many types of unique art pieces and gifts. And soon the rock barn will house Bob and Carol’s catering business, where they will serve meals from time to time. But for now you can buy Bob’s smoked meats (brisket, BBQ, chicken, etc.) at the house. And if the thought of encountering semi trucks speeding along Highway 287 has you wary of checking out this business, there is an alternate entrance that takes you there from the paved north/south road just west of the house. However you choose to get there, just go! And to Bob, Carol, Cheryl and family, I wish you great success….and to the rest of you, ditto on the French!