Hello all,

This week has been really different!  I am sure everyone has been bitten by some animal.  But have you ever been bitten by a chimp?  Well I have and it sure is fun… (Sarcasm)! 

This week I went to the pioneer days carnival in Guymon with a friend. In the fair building there were people with a chimp you can hold and get your picture taken with.  Last year in Amarillo I held a chimp named Walter, so I wasn’t scared of holding a chimp. Next time it might be a little different!!

The man handed him to me and tried to give him a rewarding treat for coming to me.  Instead of eating the treat he bit me on my cute defenseless arm.  The furry little thing bit me. I can’t exactly hold it against him; after all it was a simple little mistake.  He didn’t attack me, just missed the treat.  I think he needs to work on his aim a little. 

After using soap and water to clean my battle wounds we left the fair building and Shawna’s dad wanted to leave.  But we refused; well… we talked him into staying with us.

     Then we went to the coolest rides ever. The best ride there was the kamikazi. It was one of those that flipped all the way upside down.  I screamed the entire time and kept my eyes shut!  Shawna was about to kill me. I was getting on her nerves with the screaming!  After a few more rides we started on our merry way home! 

     I may have suffered greatly but I will never give up meeting new animals.  But I might give up on playing with the lions after this!