Bank plans to work with Cimarron Memorial on debts

by C.F. David

Larry Fluhman, bank officer for Farmer and Stockman’s Bank in Clayton, N.M. said by phone that the bank still plans to work with Cimarron Memorial Hospital on problems with debt.

Fluman explained that he was not the loan officer directly in charge of that account.

Asked if the bank still planned to stand by the hospital with more than $500,000 in payroll tax debt, Fluman said, “That was a larger figure than I anticipated; but I had a conference with the acting CEO, (Dave Peyok) and he seems sincere in coming up with a plan. He now has an associate {Kareen Janssen] on site.  I think it’ll work out.”

“There are hard decisions to make.”

Fluman explained that the bank had assisted Union County’s  hospital with similar problems and that the facility was now stable.

Hopefully we can get it [Cimarron Memorial] on its feet,” Fluman said.