Cimarron Memorial Hospital to receive CAT, DEXA scanners

Cimarron Memorial has new technology just around the corner and that, may help the facility to turn a corner.

“We are working on trying to get a DEXA checks bone density,” said CEO Patsy Shields.

“Right now, the biggest news is that we are waiting on the delivery of our CAT scan machine,” she added. “We should know by the end of the week when we'll get it.”

“Right now, this [the CAT scan] is the first big positive thing.”

Marlene Clifton, the hospital's X-Ray Tech will be responsible for the day-to-day operation of both machines. The CAT machine will very likely find it's home just west of the clinic.

“We feel right now that we send out 10 to 15 CAT scans a month,” Shields said. “At $1,000 to $1,200 apiece, we are looking at between $50,000 and $200,000 with more potential. Some of our ERs we have to ship out because we need a CAT scan for a diagnosis. Many times, a CAT scan is really preferred to an X-ray. Our doctors are really excited,” Shields said.

Shields is still in search of a nurse Practitioner or Physican Assistant.

“We are talking to some people,” she said.

She is also looking for physicans willing to move to a rural setting, and is working with a company looking for new graduates willing to sign on and receive credit against their student loans by moving to under served areas.

“We've been busy in the hospital; our censuses have been up in the hospital and nursing home,” Shields explained.

Shields puts part of the patient increase as relative to what is going on health-wise at any given time; however, she also thinks some of the increase is due to a new found confidence in the facility.

“We are even on our payroll,” Shields said proudly. “We've been struggling, but we are even, they haven't missed a check. I might have missed some sleep, but they are getting paid,” Shields grinned.

Shields expressed pride in her employees. She explained that many had picked up paint brushes and touched up the facility.

“They are doing a lot to enhance us. It's not a revenue item, but it's good when you can put up a good face. That makes a difference,” she said.


The hospital hopes to host it's Health Fair in June, and by August have a licensed day-care center that will serve at least Boise City .

“It'll be open to everyone in town, and it won't be on site [at the hospital]. We are hoping to be licensed for at least 25 kids, and we hope it'll be a help to single mothers,” Shields said.

“We are looking at different options for funding. But I think it will be good for the community.”

Shields said “Docs Who Care” will be returning for two day visits to give the local doctors some rest.

The hospital, one of, if not the only one in the state waivered to train their own Nurses Aides, just recently graduated a new class.

“There are always people we can use but right now, we are pretty well staffed. We are lucky we can train our own Aides,” Shields said.

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