Hello all, this week has been full of plans for the summer. It is going to be awesome! My cousin is coming in from Aubrey , Texas which is down by Dallas . He will be here for three weeks, long enough for me to want to join the witness protection program I am sure. We annoy each other after just a few days let alone three whole weeks. He and my sister used to fight like this when she was my age too. But we love each other when we aren't trying to get rid of each other so that we can have the spotlight all to ourselves. There is just not enough room in one family for two drama queens. Ok so he's not a queen, he's a prince. Speaking of drama queen's- my niece was on the news with her kindergarten class playing football after school with the highschoolers in Tulsa . They seemed like they were having an awesome time. Our family is just full of drama queens.

Now that I have gotten that off my chest I can talk about the big highlight-we got rain! We also planted a garden just before the rain came so all the little plants get a head start. I don't know if it was enough to help our area but it was cool while it lasted. My friend and I played in the rain until it started hailing. Then we decided to go in the house but instead she ran all the way home. It was a good thing the hail was only the size of B B's or small peas. It didn't last long so she came back and we got to play out in it more. Hopefully this coming week we will get more rain for the crops and me to play in.

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