Troopers from across the state

OHP Trooper Adrian Carrillo, at 25 is serving his first duty station. He was assigned to Cimarron county right out of his rookie class.

Carrillo, who will be married on June 9, comes from Locust Grove in the state's Northeast corner.

Carrillo became interested in law enforcement by doing ride-alongs with troopers in his area.

“I think the Highway Patrol is the elite law enforcement agency. I wanted to serve with the best,” Carrillo said.

Someday, I'd like to work on accident reconstruction,” Carrillo said.

Asked how he liked Cimarron County , Carrillo replied, “I'm happy to be here. I love to hunt and fish, and I'm looking forward to snow skiing next winter.”


Trooper Duane Johnson, 39, is from Nashouha, in the state's Southeast corner.

Johnson, who is single, is a nine-year veteran with an additional nine years on small town police forces.

Johnson is a frequent contributor to the OHP's magazine and wrote an article praising Cimarron county and its people.

“I begged to come out here,” Johnson said.

“I grew up in a rural area, and there were three older troopers whom I really admired.”

“I like rural areas and after I visited Cimarron County I really wanted to come out here. The trip out here sold me, and I asked to come out here. The next day they called to ask if I was serious. Western Oklahoma , especially the Panhandle is considered to be the best assignment in the state because of the area and the people,” Johnson said.

“Besides I've seen the bad things, murder and the like. I was ready to slow down. Besides, I wanted to be close to the Rockies . I plan to stay here until I retire.

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