From the Logbook of the Cimarron County Dispatcher



Boyd in court.

Accident north of Boise City, paged ambulance.

Assisted several oversize loads.

Report of cattle out by the 56-64 intersection, called owner.


Tested storm sirens

Report of cattle out on North 287, contacted owner.


Paged an amublance to Guymon.

Report of an unattended death, contacted medical examiner and mortuary.

Controlled burn near Griggs.

Controlled burn near airport.


OHP arrested subject.

Report of cattle out on Kenton Highway

Second call on cattle canít contact owner, deputy called to put cattle up.


Controlled burn N.E. of Keyes.


Report of a gas skip at a local store.


Report of cattle truck overturned 56-64.

Dispatched ambulance in city.

Dispatched Keyes EMS.


Deputy assisted person out of fuel.

Report of truck in ditch, East 56.

Report of a rollover on South 287.

Report of another in the ditch, East 56.

Controlled burn in Keyes.

Report of cattle out on fifth Street, contacted owner.

Closed Highway 287 north at the request of Colo. due to snow.

Report of a fire at the dairy.

Highway 287 reopened after seven hours.

A 911 call due to cattle out on North 287, called owner.

Report of a vehicle in the ditch, East 64.

Deputy advised all roads were slick.

Call from ODOT needing a wrecker for one of their trucks.


A 911 call for a truck in the ditch on North 287.

Report of a truck blocking thehighway on East 64.

Report of a truck in the ditch 15 miles north on Highway 287.

Deputy went to state line couldnít locate truck.

Report of a truck in the ditch eight miles south on Highway 287.

Traffic control for truck in ditch near airport.

Traffic control for truck blocking the highway Highway 56 west.

Truck in ditch on Highway 325 West.

Report of cattle out on Highway 56 West, called owner.

A 911 call truck broke down, leaking fuel.

Contacted about an individual inside an abandonded building, city contacted no one found.


A 911 call car overturned in ditch with flashers on; deputy responded, was construction flashers.

A 911 call for an ambulance in Keyes.

A 911 call complaint on two trucks near state line.

Respondent called back said trucks were near state line gave info to Stratford, Texas.

Keyes EMS in route to Keyes residence.


Reported to another fire at the dairy.


Assisted several wide loads.

Controlled burn by Keyes.

Boise City ambulance transfer to Guymon.

Griggs F.D. responded to a fire on an electrical pole.


Report of cattle out on North 287.

Controlled burn in Keyes.

Assisted oversized load at square.

Traffic control for wrecker at Highways 385 and 56.


Controlled burn north of Boise City.


Report of fire at the dairy, Keyes, Felt, Boise City and Wheeless responded.

Report of a car on fire south on Highway 385, then east.

Report of wrecker needed; semi blocking Highway 385 south.

Report of a horse out on Highway 325 West, called owner.


Reports of building blown over, electrical lines down near the old laundry.

Report of a tornado that touched down near the Colorado state line and Campo.

Report from Stratford of a tornado in Cactus, Texas, Highway 287was closed.

Report of cattle out west of Elkhart, not sure about ownership.

Sherman County advised Highway 287 is reopened.