Commissioners make CMH a Trust Authority

by C.F. David

With an emergency resolution on Tuesday, the Cimarron County Commissioners dissolved the Cimarron Memorial Hospital Board and established in its place, the Cimarron County Health Services Authority. However, the authority will retain its same membership and add one member with Dwylene Holbert coming aboard.

“This gives the board more authority; they can borrow money,” said Commission Member Bill Percifield.

“If they are waiting on Medicare payments they can borrow money to make payroll,” Percifield added. When asked, Percifield explained that if the entity had to and did borrow money it would be with one of the county's local banks.

“John Smith investigated this and found out that they had been doing this at Fairview,” Percifield explained.

“Our consultant [Cypress Health] told us that Fairview had been doing this,” Smith said. “It makes us a Trust Authority, we can borrow money, go out for revenue bonds, apply for grants; things that a public hospital can't do,” Smith continued.

“We were wanting to set up a line of credit because very often, we were waiting on Medicare re-imbursments and insurance payments when payroll was due.”

“I talked to Fairview, and they said it had been good for them.”

“But it was Stan Manske that did most of the legwork. He was very instrumental in making this come together,” Smith said.

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