Fry waits for investigation

by C.F. David

Dwayne, “Pete” Fry's request for a probation modification hinges on the completion of a probation and parole investigation, how a newly appointed D.A. perceives the investigation and his presentation of the facts to District 1 Judge Greg Zigler for his decision.

Fry is on probation for a 1999 charge of Endeavoring to solicit, encourage and/or conspire to deliver or distribute a dangerous substance”, (methamphetamine).

Fry intended to use the illegal substance to “set up or harm” some perceived enemies.

The office of Attorney General, Drew Edmundson has appointed Assistant D.A. Pat VerSteeg, of Ellis County to procecute the case when District 1 D.A. Mike Boring recused his office due to conflict of interest.

Zigler, in a tele-conferenced meeting on May 19, asked Probation officer Odie Nunley when he could complete the report. Nunley said he would make it a priority, and set a date of June 3.

Fry informed the judge he needed at least 30 days to obtain legal counsul, and Zigler set Monday, June 20 as the tentative hearing date.

VerSteeg, speaking by telephone told Zigler that he wanted time to look over the investigation report and the court record in case he wished to make some kind of pleading.

Fry, asking about letters written in oposition to the modification, asked Zigler, “Can we get copies of those letter?”

Zigler replied that they were now public record and he could have copies.

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