Some say, “Religion is a private thing, we should keep it to ourselves.” Jesus disagrees, obviously. All his ministry was public or as the book of Acts succinctly says, “this wasn't done in a corner.” We also read in Acts that we taught you publicly and from house to house ( 20:20 ). So where does this line of thinking come from?

First, anyone using this line of logic or should we say illogic, cannot possibly have knowledge of the Bible. A faith that is not worth sharing is not worth having. It also defies the great commission which clearly states “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. I have a good idea, let's tell the muslims to shut up. They certainly have not privatized their faith. Maybe it would be a good thing to lose a few more buildings and have a few more suicide bombings before we wake up. I feel that one of the worst aspects of Christianity is our reticence.

And how about the world of the sinner? I'll give you a dollar for every movie coming out of Hollywood that doesn't use the F-word or take the name of God in vain if you will agree to give me a dollar for every one that does. Wish they would keep their scum quiet. One wise man once said that every thing that is tranquil is usually gobbled up by that which is not. So, to all you real born-again folks out there I say “Arise, speak it out, shout it from the rooftops, proclaim the good news. Hallelujah!

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