Okay, he is here. Finally, Todd (my cousin) is here and it is not that bad. I guess the witness protection deal was a tad bit overboard, although he is still a pain in the tooshie and will always be like that.

The only reason I say that is because he is older than me and he knows it He wants to be the boss and I want to be the boss so we basically clash. He loves me and I love him and it doesn't matter how big of a pain he is you still have to love family.

We have already had a lot of fun, for instance Sunday night after church we went to the movie. This week we can't wait until the pool opens and we can go to the party. I don't know about Todd but I want to be the first one in and the last one out. I know he loves to swim as much as I do, but he isn't Indian so he won't tan like me. My granny won't want to take care of blisters from his sunburn if he stays out too long. I guess he will have to use my mom's super duper extra strength sunscreen because he is a redhead like her.

My dad bought me a new bike for my birthday, which is in June, so it is a little too early but Todd can ride my old one because he has stubby legs. He will be a perfect fit on the one I have outgrown. I hope he doesn't have any accidents because I don't think Granny will want to deal with cuts and scrapes either. Whatever we do I expect to have great fun for the next couple of weeks with Todd and my friends enjoying the first part of summer. See you next week.

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