We are exposed to a great amount of toxic chemicals in our homes from cleaning supplies to cosmetics. Most is ingested through our processed foods, inhaled from the use of cleaning supplies, and rubbed on to the largest organ of our body, the skin.

I have been reading quite a bit on chemicals used to make skin care products. The government does not require testing for personal care and beauty products. We buy these items thinking they are safe and have been tested. Not so!

A group called the Environmental Working Group for six months tested over 10,000 personal care items. 54 percent of the products violated safety recommendations proposed by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Board. One example, of unsafe ingredients was found in diaper cream. Almost 70 percent of the products were found to have ingredients that were tainted with impurities related to cancer and other health complications.

Because antiperspirants contain aluminum salts that cause breast cancer, I recommend using deodorants that do not contain aluminum.

I have found several in Eat Rite and Drug Emporium in Amarillo . You can go to the “Skin Deep” report on the internet and find your brands of personal care products and see how they rate. Wake up and smell the perfume, let's get back to basics.

My sources came from www.mercola.com and the Environmental Working Group.

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