Collins comments
by Kelley Collins

I would like to make a correction to a previous column. It was in the April 28 issue. I said that of all the men that left here to go to war in WWII only one didn't return and his death was accidental. What I failed to mention I was talking of the Kenton Cemetery only. There have been many brave men from Cimarron County that were killed in action.

I wish I knew all the names of all the military men and women from Cimarron County that have been killed in action. Memorial Day is coming up and it would be nice to be able to mention these brave souls. Alas there are so many cemeteries in this county I would wind up omitting some. I feel it is better to remember them as a group rather than skip some.

I have talked to men and to one woman who received medals for brave acts. Most tell me the same thing. They didn't start out to be brave it just happened. I don't know if this is modesty or not. It seems to me to serve in wartime is in itself an act of bravery.

I have sometimes questioned the reasons we have engaged in hostile actions. I have out and out been against some of our actions. Never once though was this meant to disrespect our military people. They do not set the policy they only carry it out and they have done their jobs well. One can be proud of them without agreeing with the policy that placed them in harms way.

I am very proud of our men and women in the military service always have been. Even with prisoner abuse coming to light in Iraq I am still proud of them. I am saddened that some have allegedly committed acts of abuse.

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