Brother and sister earn degrees; siblings credit parent's work ethic for their individual successes

Boise City siblings, Matt and Carla Trujillo have both recently graduated from college.

Matt, the oldest has received a degree in Wildlife Management from West Texas A&M; it's been a journey of nine and one half years. He plans to eventually become a Texas State Game Warden.

Carla, received her degree in Business Administration last Saturday from Oklahoma Panhandle State University, after five years of effort. She and her family will soon be moving to Arizona, she to work for Wells Fargo, her boyfriend Chris Jones, for the Federal Prison System.

The children of Gregg and Victoria Trujillo, they are the first to go to college.

“ It [finishing college] was always one of my goals. Our parents never really told us we had to go to college,” Matt remembered. “They just wanted us to be successful.

“But we got our work ethic from them,” Carla said. “If we told someone we would be at work; they made sure we kept our word.

Matt grinned and nodded in agreement.

Carla, had some other obstacles on her path to a degree; two pregnancies.

“I had David out of wedlock when I was a Sophomore,” she said candidly. “It's a slap in the face; a wake-up call. I knew I had to finish school so I would be able to do things for him. It was something I had to do,” she said with a shrug.

Her senior year, the young woman was pregnant with son Dru and carrying 19 credit hours. She continued and completed school while Chris commuted to Dalhart and his job at the Texas Penal Institution there. She also worked as an Assistant Manager at Loaf-n-Jug and waiting tables at Pizza Hut.

“It was hard working the midnight shift at the store and then driving to Goodwell,” she remembered. I hate that drive.”

Both of the Trujillos were good students at Boise City High and credit their teachers and counselors for their preparation and direction.

Matt admits he checked often with his high school science teacher, Susan Spake and Carla credits Nancy Stalder for having her ready to write an essay.

She credits her School Guidance counselor, Tammy Swinburne for pushing her to get financial aid.

“I know now why she did it,” Carla smiled.

Matt pointed at his sister, “She could do anything with numbers. Things come to her so easily; while I had to really work. I often wished I could have had her my last semester as a tutor for Trig. I was glad to get a C,” he grimaced.

“I am a certified tutor,” she answered. But Science...I had a lot trouble with Science.”
“I have two Associate's Degrees,” Matt added. “One in Fish and Wildlife from Seward County Community College and another in General Education from Clovis Community College; I lack about eight hours for having a Criminal Justice Degree.”

“I went to Seward County because he did, and played one year of Softball for them,” Carla said. “I have an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences.”

Looking back on his journey of nine and one-half years toward a degree, Matt has one word of advice to those choosing a college; find the one you want and need and stay there.

“My parents had a cartoon on their refrigerator, it said, “What's your son gonna be when he graduates? The other guy replied, 45,” Matt grinned.

“I lost a lot of hours transferring around; they'll tell you the hours will all transfer. But that's hype to get you enrolled. I retook one science course where we were looking at the same slides I'd seen at another school, but the course wouldn't transfer.”

For now Matt is working as an Intern in a Texas Fish Hatchery and plans to attend the Texas Game Warden's Academy.

He and wife LaDonna, an X-ray Tech, are expecting their first child.

Carla, and Chris will soon be moving to Arizona and their jobs there; however, she has aspirations for a Master's Degree.



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