Amanda Tye is honored by GEICO

Washington D.C.- Amanda Tye, the daughter of J.B. and Carol Stewart, of Keyes, is the recipient of the 2003 Public Service Award for traffic safety and accident prevention, is county executive director of the Cleveland County Office for the Farm Service Agency (FSA).

When she was 15 years old, Tye came face to face with the issue of traffic safety. One evening, as she was riding in a car with a friend who, unknown to her, was under the influence of alcohol, the vehicle rolled over and caused injuries that would leave Tye in a wheelchair she still requires.

Tye has used this accident to touch other people's lives, Just one year later, she began speaking to students about that night, She cooperated with the Oklahoma State Department of Health in a study on safety belt usage among high school students. The study compared the number of students who wore safety belts before her visit with those who wore them after her visit, one month later and then three months later. The results were impressive and assisted the department in obtaining a grant that enabled them to continue these educational demonstrations. She also received a Discover Card Scholarship for community service, which she used to create a disability sticker that she still passes out to students today. In addition, Tye works closely with Weatherford, Okla., fire fighters on a program called “Prom Night... Memories or Miseries.”

Over the years, Tye has traveled to more than 150 schools across the states of Oklahoma; Texas and Kansas, educating more than 75,000 high school students about the dangers of drinking and driving. She also visits with elementary students urging them to buckle their safety belts when riding in a car. People who work closely with Tye feel that she has not only changed people's unhealthy living habits, but also their lives.


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