Vital Signs

by Rod Burrus

Greetings and salutations to all of our friends and supporters! My apologies for missing my April article but I thought that there was plenty written in April about our fine facility and the staff here without me adding to the mix. Not much of the information was pleasant and all of it was subjective. Enough said! I would like to start the meat of this article out with a mention of praise for several people. First and foremost I would like to thank our County Commissioners for making some connections in Oklahoma City with some very influential people. Our County Commissioners, John Howard Freeman, Bill Percifield and Kenneth Maness went to Oklahoma City and located Representative Gus Blackwell and Senator Owen Laughlin. John Howard Freeman came by and told me the wheels were greased, I just needed to make some contacts. I am pleased to say that within an hour of receiving my e-mail, Gus Blackwell responded pledging support to Cimarron County and Cimarron Memorial. He understands the importance of our facility and is currently working on securing funds. Senator Owen Laughlin has opened the e-mail I sent but has not responded as of yet. I will keep you notified as soon as I hear something. Thanks again to our County Commissioners, you fellows are doing a great job!

I wanted to also extend a special thank you to Boise City Farmers Coop! Carol Mills, Director of Food & Nutrition stopped by and told me that the Coop had donated a half beef for use at Cimarron Memorial Hospital and Nursing Home. The generosity of the Boise City Farmers Coop has been an inspiration to this facility and never ceases to amaze me. Many thanks from all of us at Cimarron Memorial Hospital, Nursing Home and Rural Health Clinic. Your support is appreciated!

I have some other outstanding news to share with you. As you may remember, our last Director of Nurses in the Nursing Home resigned because her husband had been given early retirement and we were left short handed. Well good news! One of our own nurses stepped up to the plate and is willing to accept this awesome responsibility. Ms. Marlene Grazier, RN has graciously decided to accept the position. This good news comes on the heels of another acceptance in the Nursing Home. Donna Cain has accepted a part-time job in the Nursing Home as Administrator. Donna has communicated with authorities downstate and will be traveling to Oklahoma City next week to reinstate her Nursing Home Administrators License. I feel like between the three of us that we will be able to affect some positive change in the Nursing Home.

I am sure that you have all wondered what we were going to do after Dr. Prameela Yoganandan leaves. Well I am pleased to announce that we are only weeks away from having the license confirmation for Dr. Gary Mathews from Kerrick. Dr. Mathews has completed all of the requirements for licensure in the State of Oklahoma except for one transcript. Vickie Puebla sent the request for his transcript to Texas Tech University and the request was lost. We have since corrected this and sent another request. Dr. Mathews is looking forward to coming to work here at Cimarron Memorial and I have to say that I have appreciated his thoughts and views on medicine. I have heard from patients who have gone to see Dr. Mathews that he has a great bedside manner and is very honest and open in his communication.

I would like to ask the members of our community for some help. As you know we are always short of licensed staff in our own little corner of the world. If you know any nurses, either RN or LPN, that have an Oklahoma License, please let them know that Cimarron Memorial needs their help and our wages are very competitive. My good friend Connie Belford, RN is always looking for help in the Hospital. Being the Director of a Nursing unit has its downfalls. If someone calls in sick or takes paid days off, the DON often has to cover the shift. So please, if you know of any licensed staff, tell them to come see us.

The last bit of information to relay in this article is that my contract for employment is coming up for renewal. I have expressed to the Board of Trustees that I might not want to continue my employment here at Cimarron Memorial. Either way I would like for the Board Members to have options instead of choosing the easy option, therefore; Amy Roberts, Director of Human Resources, and I have set forth to bring in qualified applications and resumes from other Administrator/CEOs in the job market so the Board Members can make an educated decision. In all honesty, I am a great fire starter. I am energetic, enthusiastic and have a lot of ideas on how to get things moving. I do think that it would be arrogance on my part to assume that I am the only candidate who can get the job done. My intentions are to open the position up and see if there is an extremely motivated individual out in the job market who has a proven record for turning facilities around and see if he/she will work for what Cimarron Memorial is willing to pay. Either way I will keep you informed. It has been thrilling to work here but it is an awesome responsibility. It is not a decision that anyone should make lightly.

While I provide information that is pertinent to me in this forum I may not necessarily address the issues that are of interest to you. I would like to reiterate that I work for you, the members of Cimarron County and would like to remind you that if you have any unanswered questions that you call me at 544-2501 ext. 210, or just stop by. My door is always open.

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