Collins comments
by Kelly Collins

Bush is asking for 25 billion dollars for our efforts in Iraq. How about 25 billion for our efforts at educating our children?

We have been meddling in other nation's affairs far too long under various reasons. Most of it is about profit for American business. We fought several wars that were started by others as wars of conquest. We were attacked and we retaliated. Who started this war, the Iraqis? Or was it Muslims in general? We went to Iraq supposedly to make sure that 9-11 didn't happen again and to destroy weapons of mass destruction. The ones that flew the planes into the twin towers what nation did they come from? What country financed them?

What is this war about really? Why is it our war? Why is it the blood of our young men and women seeping into the sands there? Why is our money going into the sands there as well? Most of the rest of the world is against our being there. Of course it is so they can come in and take the profits that are there now. A very large percentage of the population in Iraq does not want us there and they are killing and wounding our people to show just how much we are not wanted. They are killing their countrymen that stand with us.

How much is it worth in American lives and money to secure that country? How much is it worth in World opinion to stay there?

The European Union grows every day and the goal is to become the next superpower. Let us help them. Let us withdraw all our forces and all our money from every country and start a rebuild on our own country.

Lets spend 25 billion dollars on projects that will free us from dependence on foreign oil. Develop the technology to extract the oil from shale oil. Develop cars that use fuel cells. Develop other ways to generate electricity.

Can we do it? Yes, but its going to take changes in education so we will have the skills available to make these changes. It is going to take changing our government policies. It is going to take getting back to some basics. It is going to take getting rid of some very entrenched bureaucrats and leaning the government down to something manageable, more responsive than it is now, and more responsible fiscally and morally.

Think about this. We won WW I, WW II and all the wars before those. We compromised in Korea, We lost in Viet Nam and we are not going to win in Iraq.

What is different in the times prior to WW II and those now? We have become too liberal and too permissive for one thing. We worry more about being politically correct than in being right. We have allowed basics to be changed. Our morality has changed. The American dream is now a nightmare.

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