Simpsons plan Mother's Day opening for Keyes Sweet Shop

The Simpsons, Mary Ann and Charles plan to have their Sweet Shop reopened on May 13, just in time for Mother's Day. But the weekend they are looking forward to is Alumni on May 26-28 when the former students of Keyes High return for the 75th Anniversary of the school 15 miles east of Boise City .

The little store has set next to Long's Theater for more than 40 years, once having been a small variety owned an run by Chloe Bassett.

The Simpsons opened it as the Sweet Shop in 1993 and ran it until 1996. It will seat about 40 patrons.

The gem in the store is the “Olde Tyme” soda fountain, with it's stainless steel cabinets with goose neck soda dispensers. Each flavor of syrup, coke, Dr. Pepper and Root Beer are ensconced in a reservoir waiting to be pumped into a glass and hand-mixed, the old fashioned way.

“The fountain is from the 1940s,” said Charles Simpson, a Pirate grad of 1957.

“The seats are from the 1920s.”

Simpson points out that the wicker seats at the marble topped bar, are atop porcelain stems.

“We'll have crushed ice and Root Beer floats,” said Mary Ann.

“And the best hamburgers in Cimarron County ,” Charles added. Charles nodded toward his wife, “Her dad was a chef for Holiday Inn. She's been in a kitchen since she was four.”

“Her best sandwich is an open-faced hot hamburger,” he bragged. “In the winter we'll have stew and chili, and we'll have fresh homemade pies every day.”

“Eventually we want to have old hubcaps on the walls, pictures of John Wayne, and a stereo playing 50s music,” he said.

On alumni weekend, a street dance is planned for just in front of the resturant; local musicans will play.

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