Tis the season for working and playing outdoors for long periods of time. Of course, that means sunburn which as you know can cause skin cancer. On the other hand, sunlight helps us stay healthy and is our best source of Vitamin D. It also helps fight depression and protects against several types of cancer.

I have found several articles on the dangers of sunscreen. Most researchers believe that the increased use of chemical sunscreens that absorb rather than reflect UV rays is the main cause of the rise in skin cancer. Stay away from sunscreens with octal methoxycinnamate (OMC). There are safe, non-toxic sunscreens that can be found in health food stores or online stores. One recommendation is to use Aubrey Organic products.

For best protection from harmful sunlight is to use reflecting sunscreen such as calamine lotion, based on zinc oxide, or wearing protective clothing and a wide-brimmed hat while outside. Get your sun exposure without sunscreens in early mornings or late afternoons. It will give you a protective tan and keep your Vitamin D stores at a high level. Lets get back to the basics and stay healthy.

My sources came from the following publications; Healthfacts , July 1998 and International Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, December 1994; www.mercola.com; and www.townsendletter.com .

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