Gillespies resign from Boise City School system

The Gillespies, Mark and Jacque, have resigned as Boise City Public Schools Superintendent and Librarian respectively.

“I have submitted my resignation. We feel God has called us into full-time Christian Ministry,” said Mark.

Asked what brought about the crystallization that this was what they should do, Gillespie said, “We've been feeling the pull since the late 1980s. But, my experience in Mexico on a mission during Spring Break, doing a door-to-door evangelism is what convinced us.”

“We are drawn toward missions; my heart is in missions, and I hope that's the way God leads us,” he added.

“It's possible we'll need more training, some seminary work,” Gillespie admitted.

The Gillespies have four children, with two remaining at home, a daughter who is a junior at Boise City, and a four-year-old son.

Asked how his daughter felt about leaving during her senior year, Gillespie hesitated.

“Generally speaking we are at peace with our decision. But we all have our anxieties. On June 30, I don't have a job; we are stepping out on faith. But we are not concerned about the luxuries of life. We are going to truly trust God for our needs; food...,” he said.

Iris Imler, the president of Boise City's school board said no decisions have been made on filling either position, and have begun a search for a new superintendent, librarian and a math teacher.