Collins' Comments

by Kelly Collins

Okay then, Gas prices are rocketing to record highs. Increased demand is being cited as the reason. We all believe that too, don't we?

I received an email about this kind of thing. “Boycotting the gasoline industry in general on gasless days is not the answer it said. Instead, target only one of the bigger companies like Exxon/Mobil. If no one buys from them they will have to lower prices to attract customers. Once they do that others will have to “follow suit.”

That was the gist of the Email. I never forward emails to my contacts in my email address book and this one will be no different even though I can see the logic behind it. It might even work.

However, I don't like the idea of putting the employees of any company in a bind. There are other ways that won't be such an impact. All of us take unnecessary trips. Some of us further than others. A trip to town for me is a 62 mile round trip minimum. I make trips I could put off until I needed more than one thing. Were I living in town, I would be able to bike or hike to where ever I wanted. I would save gas and get some very much needed exercise at the same time.

I am not going to tell anyone what to do. If the boycott method seems right to you then by all means participate. If my suggestion sounds good feel free to use it. If neither of them appeal to you that too is fine.

It is just a thought. What do you think?


The latest thing in computer problems is called a hijacker. I am unclear as to how they get on your machine but they do get there. What the hijacker does is use your MSIE (Microsoft Internet Explorer) browser to redirect you to the sight they have been hired to hijack you to.

There is a bill in Congress to make companies that use hijacking liable for their actions. Until then there are several things you can do. Number one on the list is stop using MSIE as your browser. Microsoft is the target of most of the hackers and hijackers. Other browsers can be downloaded that are not Microsoft but will do all that MSIE can do. Two that come to mind are Netscape Navigator and Mozilla. Go to and search <netscape navigator download> or Mozilla download. The reason that MSIE is so vulnerable is that it intergrates and becomes part of your windows system. If they can access your browser they can infiltrate your windows program.

Once on board these spyware and adware programs are very hard to get rid of and often require a formatting of your machine. The two browsers mentioned above are free and can be downloaded easily.

You can also go to and down load ad-aware. They have a free edition for use as well as a fancy bells and whistles variety that you have to pay for.

If you are already in trouble with hijacking you can try doing a search on Google for Spybot Search and Destroy. This is a free program but unsupported unless you send them a donation. I have heard good and bad things about this program. My thought on it is if you can save your machine, all it's files, programs and not have to format, it is worth it. Even if you wind up having to format it to get control of your computer back, at least you tried.

If you do format, only reload MSIE long enough to down load Netscape navigator or mozilla. It wont hurt to leave MSIE on your machine but use the others for your regular net surfing.

Also support the bill before congress to outlaw such things. They are a menace and need to be dealt with.