March 31, 2005

Open letter to the citizens of Cimarron County:

This letter is to share that I have resigned the position of administrator of Cimarron Nursing Home, effective March 31.

As an administrator licensed by the State of Oklahoma, I am bound by the Nursing Home Care Act as well as by the policy set forth by the Oklahoma State Health Department. I cannot perform my job in the present administrative climate where the law and these guidelines are not valued.

I will maintain my license as a nursing home administrator and would be available to once again serve in this capacity at the request of the trust authority should the administration change.

To all of you who have shared my vision of change within the nursing home through sharing your talents or donations in any way, thank you for your many gifts. The aviary is testimony to the generosity of many, many Panhandle people. Money is still owed on the aviary, but that vision must be taken up by others now. Painting is still occurring in the hallways and the artwork by Shelley is phenomenal, touching everyone who passes that way. I cannot take credit for the changes that have occurred as they have come about as a community effort. It is hoped that positive changes will continue after my departure also.

To those of you who have entrusted your loved one to our facility, I again say thank you for your trust. It has been so fulfilling to hear stories of change from family members. It has been a privilege to be an extended part of your family and to work with you in dealing with the changes that are associated with our elders as they progress on their path of life. I pray that you have sufficient patience, strength, and grace to stay the course.

What do I take with me after fifteen months as administrator? I have a profound and overwhelming respect for the many quiet, hard working employees who make sure the residents receive their best efforts each shift. These same employees accept grim news of missed paydays and short staffing, yet they continue to show up for work. I have a newfound thankfulness to be living in a town where our elders are loved and respected and shown the dignity they have earned. There is a new era of belief coming that supports the concept of the nursing home being these elders' home and not just an institution to be run on time schedules. I have a deep sadness that I am leaving a position I love with people I deeply respect. The majority of the staff are cooperative, innovative, and supportive in covering shifts and trying new ideas. Some people are just never going to be rays of sunshine, and the rest of us must learn to overcome those attitudes.

Administrations come and go, but the most important thing we should remember is that each of us is a child of God and that as such, we each deserve the utmost He has to offer us. It is an insult to Him to settle for mediocrity.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve my community. I am a far better person for having been part of Cimarron Nursing Home.

With, thankfulness,


Nancy L. Roberts

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