A few days ago, character actor and former U.S. Senator Fred Dalton Thompson, announced that he was considering a run for president in 2008 on the Republican ticket.

Thompson presently earns his money as the D.A. on the “Law and Order” television series.

He began his acting career playing himself in an ‘80s movie “Marie” starring Sissie Spacek. Thompson, some years earlier as a U.S. Attorney, brought down the governor of Tennessee for selling pardons to state prisoners. He was also co-counsel on the Watergate Committee.

A couple of days after Thompson’s decision, someone asked the iconic Christian spokesman Dr. James Dobson, of “Focus on the Family” about Thompson’s potential as president.

If you have never seen Focus on the Family’s” headquarters, I recommend you drive to the north side of Colorado Springs, Colo. and take a gander. It is an empire, and Dobson built it. It comes complete with armed guards, and it has its own zip code.

Dobson, who always tries to sever his opinions from “Focus on the Family” said that he knew that Thompson was a conservative...but that he didn’t think he, (Thompson), was a Christian.

Though he always tries to separate his opinions from his multimillion dollar empire, Dobson is smart enough to know that if he speaks, millions of Focus disciples listen...and vote, just like “Doc” tells them to vote.

Soon, however, even though Dobson “hadn’t spoken for Focus”, a Focus spokesman tried to clear up what Dr. Dobson was referring to by saying that Thompson, wasn’t committed, and didn’t talk about his faith....oh, that makes me feeel sooo much better; I’m glad they cleared that up. Dobson has made a career lately of “not speaking for Focus,” while attacking politicians and possible presidential candidates.

In 2004, he told an ABC correspondent that Senator Patrick Leahy, was a hater of “God’s people.”

He has came out against Senator John McCain, as not being good presidential timber, first for McCain’s support of Gay Marriage, but more importantly, his coauthoring of the McCain-Fiengold bill which if signed into law would limit  how powerful organizations like Focus could interact politically.

By the way, though he can’t back McCain’s support of Gay marriage, Dobson, has no problem continuing his support of preaching super star, Colorado Springs, minister Ted Haggard, who was recently removed from his pulpit for fraternizing with a homosexual prostitute.

Dobson thinks Former Speaker Newt Gingrich, is the “Brightest guy out there, and articulate.” Yeah, Gingrich was so articulate that he forgot to mention he was having an affair...while he was sitting in judgment of President Bill Clinton for doing the same thing.

Dobson’s choice of friends and presidential candidates seems to be just a tad flawed. “Focus on the Family” might ought to be glad that he “doesn’t speak for them.”

Also, he might need to go back and brush up on how Jesus, for whom Christianity is named, lived His life, and how He treated people.

If I remember correctly, (and I paraphrase.) Jesus lived modestly, told young rich men to “Give up their wealth.”, advised his followers to “Render unto Caesar.”, hung around with coarse men...and women, and recommended that you not “Throw the first stone.”

The word for the week is cruxes, courtesy of Daniel Gilland