This might surprise you

Thanks to those who have visited with me in a positive way about last week’s column I know not everyone agrees with my views about the Iraq War but I don’t personally know any two people who agree completely anything that is OK.

The seat belt issue continues to amaze me.

With all the issues in the world I still hear more about people not thinking they should have to wear them than any other topic. JUST WEAR IT !!!!! 

Something that seems to amaze and disturb Americans is the number of service men and women killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is difficult to find absolute numbers but based on the best sources I can find it appears there have been somewhere around 3,400 U.S. military personnel killed on foreign soil since 01-01-2001. That is tragic and an amazingly high number; but this conflict is like no other. I still believe the day will come in a few years this war will seem like a good idea even to its’ harshest critics of today.

From the betcha didn’t know this files, think everyone who reads this will be surprised to learn that there have been about 1,035 and counting American law enforcement officers killed on U.S. soil (namely the streets of this country) during the same time frame since 01-01-2001, and there isn’t even a war going on here. Some of the police officers, deputy sheriffs, special agents, state troopers and other officers killed even survived tours of duty in one or both Gulf Wars, other smaller conflicts and even the Vietnam War. I ask one favor. The next time you start to criticize law enforcement officers from any agency or hear someone else doing it you think of this number. It gets larger every few days even though you seldom hear about it.

I support our president, our troops in foreign lands, and the law enforcement officers safe guarding our homeland, regardless of the agency or pay grade. I ask that you do too. And don’t pay too much attention to what it says on their car or their sleeve as far as where they work. The “Officer Down” websites do not make a distinction, and neither do their families and friends.

Trooper Duane Johnson #280

Oklahoma Highway Patrol