Slinging a smooth stone

We cannot let terrorists, wars, war records, (or the lack of) dictate our elections

C.F. David,
Editor, The Boise City News

On May 1, 2003, President Bush stood on the deck of an aircraft carrier and declared the end of major hostilities.

On May 7, in this column, I wrote that peace might be more difficult to win than war, and perhaps more costly in human lives. I take no pleasure in having been proved correct.

Since that column I have made the following assessments:


H That taking on Saddam while we tried to hunt down and kill those responsible for 9-11 was a tactical mistake brought on by arrogance and a payback mentality by some in the administration. It [the war in Iraq] used troops we badly needed elsewhere. It also drew from Afghanistan and other areas, Al Queda operatives, seeking an easier way to kill American troops. The arrogance blinded the administration to potential problems in unifying the different Muslim religious sects in Iraq. We obviously had a plan to win the war. I'm not so sure we had one to establish the peace.

H The Saudis are our friends in name only, and have no desire to see democracy established in the Middle-East.

H I still have misgivings and fears about the Patriot Act and it's use against common Americans. John Ashcroft has an agenda; and the Patriot Act gives him license, a hammer and an anvil.

H That if a terrorist is holed up and firing at troops from inside a Mosque, in a so-called “Holy City” he and those with him should die. Trust me, they'll have no respect for one of our churches; if given the opportunity, they'll bomb one.

H That the approaching summer will see blood shed in the streets of the U.S. The war on terror will heat up; and it will come home to us, frighteningly. With the bombings in Spain, and their effect on that nation's elections and decision to withdraw their troops from Iraq, we stand to have a bloody summer, on approach to the November elections. We cannot let terrorists with plastique explosives and rocket launchers vote.

H The Kerry and Bush camps need to get off their “war record” mentalities and between them, decide what's best for the nation. The only people who really care if John Kerry really threw his medals over a makeshift fence are Republican hard-liners. The only people who really care if George Bush served all of his Air Guard time are Demo hard-liners.

Get real folks; Kerry wasn't the only one who threw medals. He is just the only one running for president. Likewise for Bush; I dare say that all of us who were over 18 during Vietnam, knew someone who joined the National Guard, AND skipped drills. These people need to get a life while others, young men and women, are losing theirs in Central Asia. I didn't want us to be in Iraq; but we're there. If we leave now, we will leave a void that only a civil war can fill. Kerry had better make up his mind if he is an American wanting to be president, or an Internationalist with a global agenda. Bush, had better decide if his troops engaged in a bloody struggle need more than what they have; more troops, more ammunition, more armor, more nations involved. We have to come off this stupid stance of “...if you didn't fight, you can't help.” We need the Germans, the French, the Russians and the UN.

The word for the week is reality.