Collins' Comments

by Kelly Collins

After reviewing headlines from this week I can't find anything really new in them. SSDD is what we used to call it. Same stuff, different day.

I wanted to print something positive this week but I am not going to find it in the news headlines. The best I find there are isolated cases of what is called human-interest stories.

I believe in America, and I believe in Americans. We have always risen to a crisis then we seem to go back to sleep. We never seem to be prepared for a crisis, but we always come through the other side of them. We had good and moral leaders and we still do. They usually come from strong families where morals, ethics and responsibility are taught.

My mother wrote a book about the young men that left here to go into the military during WWII. They all came back alive save one and that was an accident, not a result of enemy action. They were all products of growing up in strong families in difficult times. Because of the depression it was hard for families and the children had to accept more responsibility than now. Responsibility is basic to our society and parent, not the schools, the social services and certainly not the government should teach that.

Yes it is easier to let the children veg out in front of the TV or Game boy than it is to teach them the things that are going to form the way they grow and how they grow up.


No one wants to go back to the time when children were exploited in sweat shops. No one wants to see child labor at all. There is a difference though in that and keeping a room clean, doing chores such as dishes, dusting, mowing, feeding pets and livestock. It teaches them responsibility.

Instead of tearing away parental rights and responsibilities the governments, local, state and national should be aiding and abetting parents. The least they could do is step back and allow parents to be parents. I can hear the buts already. But what about child abuse?

That is an issue that is hard to set perfect guidelines. The difference between abuse and discipline is no more clear than the difference between art and pornography. Each of us seems to have our own definitions on both those subjects. I would not want to be the one that had to draw the line. With child welfare laws it seems that we have gone too far to protect the child and have created monsters that needed discipline.

We are born with little going for us but instinct, how to feed and how to get attention when we are not comfortable. The rest has to be learned. Who do you want teaching your children how to be moral, responsible, and happy individuals, you or the county, state and national governments?


You can decide, it will take effort on your part to accomplish getting control of your family and it's destiny. Or do you want us all to become wards of the state? That is where we are headed.

We the people are the government, we are the ones responsible. Elect responsible leaders. Look around among your neighbors and find the ones worthy of being leaders or be one yourself. We can get back control of our families and our government.

It is time to rise to the crises again.