by Norma Jean Young

Dan and Carol Sharp happened onto some surprising (to them and to me) information recently in a book about old No Man's Land. The unknown writer related that the early settlers here were known as cattlemen, or ranchers. When new immigrants began coming in just before statehood the cattlemen called them “pumpkin rollers”. No doubt our recent visitor, John Phillips, author of the uncharming article about this area in the April Car and Driver magazine, read the same book somewhere. Or perhaps—more likely—someone read it to him. I doubt that he knows any big words like “Panhandle” or “Cimarron” or “Oklahoma”.

I've thought of that sleaze every day since I read his article, and one thought in his favor has come to me concerning his sour disposition. Maybe if I were forced to ride from Ann Arbor, Michigan, in a kiddy-car the size of that tiny Smart vehicle in which he rode, I would also be in a foul mood. So for the next long ride he anticipates, I suggest that he borrow somebody's real automobile. Surely there is someone on that magazine located on Hogback Road who has a normal sized car.


I was beginning to think they would never get the street in shape again around the courthouse. It was interesting during that detouring to decide “what street should I take this time” then meet numerous vehicles whose drivers were looking as puzzled as I was.


Caller ID is a marvelous invention. I have it, and if anybody wants to talk to me they should use a phone that has (1) a name and (2) a number. I have been getting six or more calls each day that I don't answer.

The “unknown name unknown number” callers should save their efforts because I assume they are wanting my money, my vote, or both.

Friends who want to talk to me whose phones don't give me that information should write me a letter (I love to get letters) or come to see me (visitors are always welcome).



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