by Frank Lynch

Three things are needed to acculturate our youth: the school, the family, and the church. All three are needed together, subtract one and the other two cannot compensate for the loss. Our children need all three and we, working hand in hand together can produce good people.

It's kind of hard to sort out what has happened to this system but somewhere after World War II things began to fall apart. Now, unfortunately, public education sees itself as an antagonist to the religious and moral aspects of social development. It appears that educators see spiritual development as something evil and insidious. This minority of leaders need to be removed. Public education started in the churches, so, now, why all of a sudden has education become so far removed from this need.

Oh, but don't you know about separation of church and state? It's in our constitution! NO, IT IS NOT!!! Nowhere in the Constitutional Bill of Rights is separation ever mentioned. As a matter of FACT, through the rhetoric of the colonial period we find the exact opposite. So, how did we get here?

We scream like scalded apes when it comes to freedom of the press. The “touch me not attitudes” of the media is virulent. It's guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, don't you know? So, when our youth act up we wring our hands and ask what happened. Parents are partly to blame. Rather than leadership and parental assertiveness we have compromise and semi-peaceful coexistence. Precious little moral development is found in the average home. And until parents resume their responsibility, until education steps back up to the plate and resumes sound leadership, and until the church comes to a realization that without these other two ain't nothing gonna be alright no how, our youth will have to go to Hell in a hand basket. And for my part the Supreme Court can take a long walk on a short pier.

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