Since we were kids, we have heard mama telling us to get our eight hours of sleep. Studies have shown seven to eight hours of sleep is enough time for our bodies to balance and repair. One great advantage is a boosted immune system that helps us to ward off illness. Anything less than six hours causes decreased mental and physical abilities; accelerated aging, lower hormone levels such as insulin or cortical which regulates thyroid and blood sugars; decreased immune system; and increased risk of diabetes and obesity.

I can hear you saying, “sure I would love to get eight hours of sleep, but I have insomnia or my mind won't shut off or I'm too busy.” I found an article with 29 secrets to a good night's sleep. Some of those secrets include no before-bed snacks, especially with grains or sugars; no TV right before bed; wear socks to bed; keep bedroom temperature no higher than 70 degrees; lose weight; take a hot bath, shower; and exercise. Of course I didn't list all 29, but if you want them all contact me.

The prevailing result in all the sleep studies point to our body's need for seven to eight hours of sleep. Lack of sleep causes too many health problems for us to ignore. Let's get back to basics.

There are many articles on sleep but here are a few I found interesting: (issue 775); Journal of the American Medical Assoc., Aug. 16, 2000 ; MSNBC, Mar. 10, 2006 .

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