Minutes of the Keyes City Council, April 12

by Correspondent Birdie Walker

City Council members present were Mayor Chris Townsley, Laura Ingram and Curtis Cayton. Fire Chief Glen Copeland discussed Grants that were pending for the Fire Department.

EMS Director Willie Shelly gave a monthly report. He reported three Ambulance runs this month. City Council voted to raise the mileage charge for ambulance runs from $7.50 to $8.25. Council voted to apply for Grants to Build new EMS Building.

Council members approved minutes of March 8, 2004 and special meeting of March 18, 2004.

An additional phone line for the City Office was discussed.. There are four lines now in use. Council decided to just get Voice Mail service. Voice message can be used when other lines are busy.

Changes were made on Corporate Authorization Resolution with the First State Bank. Authorized to sign checks are Billye Lowe, Linda Betts, Chris Townsley and Laura Ingram.

Council decide to keep Ted Smith as member to the Board of Trustees for OEDA.

There was discussion by the City Council on cleaning up the Town for alumni weekend. It was agreed upon to ask the residents to clean up their property and or board up any deserted buildings.

Action was taken on benefits and salary for Linda Betts, City Clerk.

Town of Keyes Utility Meeting

The City Council discussed the possibility of letting Rural Residents establish accounts with the Town of Keyes to pay for disposal of Rural Residents solid waste.. The charge for this service will be $16.35 per month. Residents can come into City Hall and establish an account and will be allowed to dispose of their trash in the City dumpsters.

The Town of Keyes will be giving a scholarship award to a Keyes graduating senior. This award is given in honor of Chris Hunt, Dave Burrow and Foster Kinzer.

The City Council voted to make adjustments to gas averaging customers accounts in order to bring them closer to the actual charges and avoid large refunds.