Garden Club News

by Becky Smoot

Boise City Garden Club met on April 12, 2005 at home of hostess Betty Porter. President Caroline Witten lead the flag salute. Becky Smoot read poem “If” for the devotional. Secretary Becky Smoot and Treasurer Bernice Compton each gave her reports which were approved.

In old business Gerry Snapp will contact man about planting tree at Heritage Center. Beth Hathaway has contacted Bonnie about project. They will be able to do more this year.

In new business Bonnie brought to our attention that the flower beds at nursing home are in need of cleaning. Discussion about when this could be done. A time was not set but Bonnie will call when Keith can rototill. Nursing home birthday party is May 12, 2005 at 2:00 pm. We will have cake, fruit and punch this year. Only one person has a birthday at this time. Bonnie will get a gift. Cakes will be provided by Helen Moore, Gerry Snapp, and Bonnie Both. The fruit will be provided by Mickey Lynch, Betty Porter, and Louise Smith. Punch will be provided by Bernice Compton. Linda David will get napkins and cups. Club has bowls and spoons.

This is the first month for “yard of the Month”. This goes to Bob and Betty Riddle at 117 South Murray. Congratulations!!!!!

Mr. Paul Miller brought program on Pruning Roses. He also showed how to prune on some of Betty's roses. The hotter it is the more you prune. Do not prune transplanted rose at the time they are transplanted. Why do we prune? We want more roots than top. Things to prune are dead wood, weak wood, and oldest wood. You want to leave reddish/purple wood as this is good canes. On shrub roses we need to cut in shape of a tea cup. This will let more light into rose plant. Prune old fashion roses after they bloom. Mr. Miller gave each member two books (1) 2002 American Rose Society Handbook for Selecting Roses and (2) American Rose Annual.

Roll call was answered by Bonnie Borth, Bernice Compton, Mickey Lynch, Helen Moore, Gerry Snapp, Betty Porter, Linda David, Louise Smith, Caroline Witten and Becky Smoot.

Next meeting is May 10, 2005 at 2:00 pm. Hostess is Gerry Snapp.

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