Felt building bond issue fails

Issue short by 5 votes, board plans another vote for Dec.

The first of two propositions voted on by voters in the Felt School District failed by a narrow margin on April 6.

Seventy-one voters in the Felt School District voted yes on the bond issue that would have spent $415 thousand to make repairs to existing infrastructure, add a new elementary building and purchase new teacher's housing. Fifty-three voted no. The proposition needed a 60 percent majority of the votes cast to pass; it received 57.26 percent in comparison to 42.74 percent for the nays.

Five more votes in favor, and the proposition would have passed.

Proposition two, a transportation issue which will purchase a new activity bus, passed 79-46 with percentages of 63.20 and 36.80.

About 125 people, just over one-third of the 305 registered voters in the Felt School District voted on the bond issue.

Contacted by phone, Felt Superintendent Jeff Funk, said that a revamped proposition will be brought up for vote again in December.

“We can re-file in October and it'll be up for another vote in December,” Funk said.

“The people have spoken; and that's what makes this country great. We are going to listen to the people and go back to the drawing board. We'll drop the figure from $415 thousand to about $380 thousand. We were planning on purchasing new housing; we'll just refurbish what we have instead,” Funk continued.

Funk continued that the board will concentrate on obtaining funding for the new school building and the needed repairs to the infrastructure in the planned December election.

“The Elementary school is still our priority,” Funk said.

Funk was on his way to Oklahoma City on Tuesday afternoon to see the new bus.

“It'll be white on the sides with Bulldogs in blue and gold. It will be comparable to the bus that Boise City has,” Funk explained. “It'll be good for our students, and for fuel and driver's expense,” Funk added.