Collins' Comments

by Kelly Collins

The American death toll is closing in on 700 since the start of the Second Iraq war. It has been over a year since it started and despite what is claimed it is not over. It is still an active conflict.

Saddam is no longer in power but what is happening there is just as bad. How can we justify the cost in lives, the cost in world opinion, the cost in money? We cannot. There are no weapons of mass destruction to be found. Yes they had them at one time. It was the justification for our going there in the first place.

Bush is backtracking, blaming bad intelligence and bad evaluation of the situation. It is alibi nothing more than that. Harry S Truman said “The buck stops here.” No matter what alibi is used, the responsibility is President Bush's.

I campaign for no one. I do not support anyone in this next presidential race. I have yet to make up my mind. I cannot believe in either party right now. The opposition isn't showing us what they can do that is better they only show us what the present administration is doing wrong. The present administration is running around trying to alibi and justify what cannot be justified. They are trying to pass the buck off on other people. Passing the buck that should stop in the oval office.

Our people in Iraq are infidels to most of the population. No matter what we do there the extremists will not quit until we are gone and they can take over. We are underestimating the resolve of these people. You take away one leader and another comes. There is no end to the ones that would step forward and keep it going. This mistake has cost too much already.

We cut our losses and stepped back from Vietnam. We withdrew and look at the final cost of that. The Russians had to cut their losses in Afghanistan and look at the cost of that.


We never won the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese and the Russians did not in Afghanistan. We will not in Iraq either. Yes even the Shiites were glad we came to Iraq and freed them from Saddam, it saved them having to depose him themselves. The whole country is glad we came. Now that they are free they want us gone so they can control their own destinies according to what they want, not what they see as infidels decree or urge.

I leave you with two questions. What benefits have we gained for our payment in American lives and money? What benefits have the Iraqi people gained?