Wimpish educational changes make me see red

Today's public school teacher is in reality both underpaid and under educated for the job she or he is asked to do.

The modern school teacher is expected to teach a variety of courses, English, English as a second language, Spanish, German, or French; chemistry, physics, and math.

In addition, since American parents either can't, or won't, teach their children about sex, or ethics, those jobs fall to the teacher as well.

The teacher of the 21st century must also be a mediator of a degree that would have driven the wise King Solomon nuts. They must now be able to mediate and make sure that the bullies that are invariably in each school do not pick on or aggravate the weaker students.

For if a child is constantly derided and bullied and should they decide to defend themselves the old fashioned way, (short of murder), new “No Tolerance” policies will often land them out of school and sometimes into the juvenile court system.

So the teachers must in turn look to those weaker students and begin mediation again making sure, or trying to prevent, the frightened and weak from stabbing, shooting or blowing up the bully and any other individual(s) they consider to be a common enemy. (Often the very teachers trying to protect them.)

Then next week they have to make sure the kid can pass an exit test.

If all this isn't enough, the teacher has to also carefully speak and carefully teach politically correct speech.

The modern teacher now has to sooth little Johnny and Mary when their homework comes back with, heaven forbid, red ink on it!

Yep; Johnny and Mary's mom and dad, the same ones that prefer that their child learn about sex, ethics and antibigotry from a stranger, have begun to raise cane over the fact that their precious children's fragile psyche will forever be warped if teachers grade in red.

According to a recent CNN online article, the new color for corrections, is a more soothing, subtle, purple.

According to the article, a student even receiving a good grade of an A or B will be adversely affected and forever scarred if those corrections are made in red.

This is, the article explains, the modern way of teaching where a student is now gently instructed in what they've done right, rather than pointing out what they've done wrong.

As for those such as myself who often received papers that seemed to be bleeding to death, according to the latest psycho-babble, those students will just tune out the red because they've seen so much of it. That never worked in my case.

In fact, some teachers, according to the article, like purple because of the subliminal message, red and blue make purple, you have been warned with red, it's still there, you just can't see it.

So I guess sometime, somewhere, in the middle of the night, Johnny and Mary will awaken screaming, because on some level, in their dreams, subliminally, they finally got it. What a crock.

Why can't we just let them teach?

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