Bid accepted for generator

The Boise City Public Works Authority, in their monthly meeting, accepted a bid of just over $23 thousand for an emergency portable generator. The diesel-powered unit will have the capacity of producing at least 125 KW of electricity, the amount needed to pump water into the tower in case of a power failure.

City Manager Rod Avery explained that the unit would be vital in case of a loss in power like the ice storm in central Oklahoma, earlier this year.

“We need to be able to push the water up 90 feet,” Avery explained.

“I think it's a good idea to have one,” agreed City councilman Ron Carey.

In other business the BCPW:

F Amended the farm land lease with Jerry Turner.

F Authorized the purchase of $3,300 in grass seed from Stockman's Feed Bunk.

City Council

In the monthly city council meeting, the Boise City Council asked Police Chief Dale Harper where the entities sharing the use of the county dispatching services were in regard to an Inter-local agreement.

“Keyes will continue to about what they've always done,” Harper said. “In fact they said they might not owe $1,200 like they always have since their policeman works mainly for the county,” Harper added.

“There is no word back from the EMS, but it doesn't sound promising,” Harper continued.

Do you have a list of what everyone paid” asked Councilman Ron Carey?

“Yeah, we paid $44,000 and Keyes paid $1,200,” answered City Manager Rod Avery.

“Keith (Sheriff Keith Borth) is trying,” interjected Harper. “He's added another full-time dispatcher; we now have three full-time dispatchers.”

“I think we need a new Inter-Loc agreement,” Harper said.

“Well, Boise City makes up about 40 percent of the population of the county,” Avery said.

“I think we need to get away from population or the number of calls and instead go by what they can pay,” Harper said.

In other business:

F The council transferred ownership of cemetery plots to Kristen Gonzalez and Cindy Huff.

F Discussed auditing services.

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