Should we or shouldnít we???

Much of the county, is in an uproar over the potential de-licensure of Cimarron Memorial Nursing Home.

The CEO, Dave Peyok, who the board has convinced to do the job for nothing while he runs another facility near Austin, Texas, has proposed turning the entire memorial facility into an Acute Care Hospital, thus, according to Peyok and others, making the return of Federal dollars through Medicaid much easier, and profitable.

This would be done by de-licensing the nursing home. The residents, or most of them, would remain as they are, but† as residents of a hospital and not a long-term care facility.

Peyok has touted the turnaround of two other facilities he has worked at, one in North Dakota, and another in Montana.

I have talked on the phone to both CEOs and tried to describe as best I could understand and explain what Cimarron Memorial has been going through with being on a cash basis with vendors, and employees having to wait days, if not weeks, for paychecks. They both agree that de-licensure sounds like a viable option that might work. Like most of everything in life, nothing is certain, or without risk and pain.

Another CEO of a nearby nursing home is familiar with Cimarron Memorialís history with Lone Ranger rescues in the past, and where itís left us. He is suspicious of Peyokís possible agenda(s). Since heís working for free...why? Whatís in it for him?

However, having said that, he continues by saying he has advocated a change at Cimarron Memorial for several years and that if Peyok is legit, what he suggests, (or something very much like it), might work and turn the facility around.

He is cautionary, for the survivability of any small nursing home, saying that without change, two to four years might be the limit to their existence due to constantly changing and expensive rules and regulations. His plan is to take his facility to all private pay, and to move away from Medicare and Medicaid.


I still have some concerns about our facility:

F First and foremost, being that we donít leave our residents in a lurch. These arenít strangers from across the U.S. These were and are our friends, family and neighbors. It is our job and that of the Cimarron Memorial Board to protect them as best we can.

F Another concern is the proposed alterations to the nursing home wing, running oxygen, and other needed infrastructure changes. Are we sure that these changes wonít eliminate any grandfathered rules or open a can of worms with asbestos? We have to be sure of what we are doing...before we put a drill or hammer to the structure.

I havenít looked at the hospitalís finances and probably wouldnít understand them if I had. But I am sure we are in trouble and that something has to change or Cimarron Memorial will cease to exist. No one wants that, so we must do what we have to do to prevent it. Even if itís painful and scary.