Hello All,

This week has been super cold compared to the incredible weather we had last weekend.The Easter Pageant was this week, and it was fun. Doing it on the top of a cold mountain didnít make us any happier about getting up at 5:00am. If you were there you could have spotted me I was the far right Trumpeter! My dad was also in it (he was the disciple that fell a lot).

This week was Easter and I was thinking Easter isnít about rabbits and eggs. No, it is about Jesus dying on the cross for YOU and ME. Thatís what it is really about, donít get me wrong I love doing the Easter egg hunt and stuff but Easter is a time to focus on God! So next year when you go off looking for eggs think about Jesus dying for You and You alone!

We have been all over everywhere, we recently got back from a trip to Muskogee to see my brothers, sister, and their spouses, the kids and new baby Trinity. She is the cutest ever and she still has those chubby hog jowls (that is what my great uncle called me even when I got skinny). My baby niece is so cute I have about two hours on my video camera of her just sleeping, and tons of pictures!

These past few weeks have been a blast.I hope every year is as fun as this Easter was! Next year everyone has to go to the pageant. It is truly the most important thing to do on Easter, Worship the one true God!