Juvenile Death Penalty

Last week the Supreme Court made a decision about the legality of the state killing a juvenile convict. As most of you know by now the High Court has now made the death penalty illegal for juveniles. What perhaps you do not know about this are the facts about this particular case. So allow me to tell you a little about the young man who has saved countless other murderers from paying for their crime.


According to the court records of this case. The young man and his friends had been planning this robbery/murder for quite some time. The young man convinced his friends that they would be able to get away with their crime because of their juvenile status. Apparently on the night their crime was to happen one of the friends backed out and went home.


The other two broke into a woman's home and finding her there tied her up and gagged her. Because the woman had seen their faces they decided they had to kill her. They kidnapped her and drove out to a bridge, where they hog-tied her with electrical cord and taped a towel over her head. After this they threw her from the bridge, to her death. Then they returned to a friend's house and bragged about their crime!

That is the kind of person the Court has saved this week.

How the Justices came to their decision is also an interesting point. Apparently there was great international pressure for the US to abolish the juvenile death penalty. Our great and wise leader Jimmy Carter signed on to a petition with, among others, the EU (European Union) for us to rid ourselves of what they deem wrong; but at least now we will be at long last more respected in the world. At last the US is catching up with the civilized world. At last our young murderers don't have to worry paying for their crimes.

It is worth noting that some of the Justices opposed this decision, but I'm sure that's not much comfort to the victim's husband. The bottom line is, this young man should have been put to death for what he did. Not given a lifelong stay at the gray bar hotel courtesy of the taxpayers.

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