If you have the name...play the game

Another Cimarron County Livestock Show has come and gone, and our youth will move on with their projects, either by having sold them, or preparing for the state show in Oklahoma City .

The sale was well attended, but perhaps not as well attended as in the past.

I haven't the final tally, so I have no knowledge if the exhibitors have had a good or lean year.

The livestock was purchased, (it's a premium show so most of the stock was retained by the exhibitors for future shows), by a number of county individuals and businesses.

Farm Credit of Guymon purchased at least two, the AIM Agency, and Hopkins Ag Supply at Keyes bought at least three.

Businesses such as the Boise City and Elkhart Coops, No Man's land Beef Jerky, Stockman's Feed Bunk, Bartlett 's Grain, C&M Cattle and Gustin Equipment can always be depended on when the kids have their projects. Cimarron Feeders, Cargill Ag., the First State Banks of Boise City and of New Mexico, The Texhoma Livestock Commission, Mizer Farms, Mr and Mrs. Cap Williams, and Elwood and Evelyn Moore did their part, and new local businessman Michael Myers bought an animal.

And I realize that countless other businesses and individuals contributed without publicity or fanfare.

There is however, one business new to Cimarron County to whom I'd like to issue a challenge.

Cimarron River Ranch, has been in the news frequently since October, when James Parker, acting as his son Samuel's consultant, leased more than 20 thousand acres of Cimarron County School Land. Since then the ranch has become a member of the American Angus Association, and brought suit against Tri-County Electric in an attempt to have electrical lines removed from their property.

To say that Cimarron River Ranch, and the Parkers have been a thorn in some peoples side, would be an understatement.

If the Parkers are serious about making the Cimarron River Ranch a viable business, and if that business is to carry the name of the river and valley which cuts through and gives the county its name, then Cimarron River Ranch should step up and be part of the county. They should join the Chamber of Commerce, contribute to the nursing home, senior citizens, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Museum, 4-H or the FFA. And by next March they could have been supporting at least one exhibitor in some fashion before or during the stock show.

If Cimarron River Ranch is or wants to be part of the county and community, they need to take a step...UP

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