Cimarron Memorial Recognizes Loyal Staff Members

On March 2, 2007 , Cimarron Memorial held a luncheon to thank all staff members for their service to the facility.  A few individuals were recognized for special marked years of service.

Lori Armas-five years, Tammie Avent-five years, Jeff Clifton-five years, Marlene Clifton-15 years, Halley Cryer-five years, Linda Flores-15 years, Amy Gonzalez-five years, Marlene Grazier-20 years, Bertha Helker-five years, Elizabeth Hensley-10 years, Rhonda Holloway-10 years, Betty Palmer-25 years, Kathy Roberts-10 years, Vickie Rosas-five years, Maria Segovia-15 years, and Enola Townsley-ten years

We have many more employees that have obviously given so much time and service to this facility and we applaud them all.  Cimarron Memorial has been blessed with a loyal and dedicated staff.