by Norma Gene Young

It is possible that some good may come out of the halftime fiasco during the Super Bowl. Even in Washington, D.C., they may finally be aware of how much trash TV, movies, and radio are putting out.

Many years ago there was an organization in Hollywood called the Hays commission that had a lot of clout. They made sure nothing unfit for children's eyes or ears was seen or heard in movies. In the late 1930s, when “Gone With the Wind” was filmed there was a tremendous hullabaloo over whether or not to allow Rhett Butler to say “I really don't give a damn,” to Scarlett as his parting shot. They finally allowed it, maybe that was the beginning of the end.

All the members of the Hays commission are probably dead and buried by now. But if not, they are possibly off somewhere by themselves contemplating suicide.

One way to keep trash off TV is to inform sponsors of the program by letter that you will not buy their products as long as they continue their sponsorship. And keep your word to them. Hitting them in their pocketbook will get their attention.


A true story:

A young woman who grew up in Boise City but now lives and works in a city was recently waiting on a disagreeable, unhappy woman who was using a dirty word with each breath. The younger woman finally said she didn't want to hear that vile language any more and was heading to the door to find a cop to arrest her for harassment. The older woman then apologized and shut up.

If more people would use those tactics this world would be a better place. Good for you, gal. You evidently learned something growing up in this small town.