Norma Gene Young

New Mexico magazine carries a column each month titled “One of our Fifty is Missing” which explains that many resident of the United States is unaware that New Mexico is part of this country.

In a recent issue a woman from New Mexico told of becoming ill while visiting in New York City and going to a doctor. When she presented her medical cards the doctor asked how she got U.S. medical coverage when she lived in a foreign country. She explained that New Mexico is a state located between Texas and Oklahoma on the east and Arizona on the west.

The doctor still puzzled, then replied, “Well there are 50 of them I can't be expected to know all of them.”


During OETA's recent money-raising campaign they ran some good specials, and one of them was the musical “Oklahoma.”

I had seen it probably a half-dozen times on stage, in the movie and on TV-but I had never seen the leading lady wearing overalls. This show was a British production, and they should have done a bit of research prior to the performance. Any young woman who had worn overalls in those days would have been ousted to outer Mongolia. It just was not done!


This reminded me that in about 1940, some magazine, (probably “Life”) carried an article and pictures of young girls wearing boy's jeans. It was unheard of at that time, but my friend, Margie Bauer and I decided we should each have a pair. Our mothers, however, gave an emphatic “No!

But, not to be out done, we cooked up a plan. For my birthday, late in March Marge gave me a pair of jeans, then for her birthday, early in April, I gave her a pair.

Our mothers were ready to kill us, but we wore them a few times and considered ourselves the leaders of fashion in Boise City High School.

As I recall the pants fit terribly--not being made for girls--and the material was more like heavy canvas tent rather than denim. Oh well, we were stylish.