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This week has been a time of good news as well as bad for Cimarron Memorial. First for the bad news. Dan Gholson who has served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Cimarron County Health Authority has tendered his resignation. I have enjoyed working with Dan these past nine months and wish him well in his new job. The members of the Board work diligently to assist this facility and our endeavors. He will be missed. To the good news. Our conversion from the antiquated Nelson software system over to the new APS system was successful. Our records have been moved and the business office is impressed at the ease of use and the comprehensive nature of the information provided. More than likely it will take us about a month to smooth the bugs out, then we will be able to meet the expectations of our community and provide accurate billing information. We were unable to bill during February due to the transition so the Business Office is burning the midnight oil to play catch up.

I wanted to take a minute and express my appreciation for several members of our community as well as the staff and employees of our facility. As you may know, Cimarron Memorial in now providing Endoscopy services here at our hospital. We had five people that were the first to receive Endoscopic procedures here locally and helped us to raise over $8,000.00 dollars in January. Thanks to you for stepping forward to improve your health and keep our money in Cimarron County. Currently, at the time of writing, we have eleven Endoscopic procedures scheduled as well as four minor surgical procedures. It did my heart good to drive up yesterday and see eighteen cars in the front parking lot. While I was not here at the time I am sure that it is reminiscent of days past. I am sure that we can recover the usefulness of this facility with the support of our community. These procedures will help us to raise an estimated $25,000.00 in March. Of course all of this is possible due to the generosity and skill of Dr. Frank Thomas from Hobart. He has been an invaluable asset to our community and will be more instrumental in aiding our recovery than he knows. I spoke with three of the individuals that received Endoscopic services here at our facility and all commented, without the need of proposition, that he was an excellent surgeon, had a great bedside manner and that the procedures went without a hitch. Most insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid pay for diagnostic scopes and they are recommended for everyone over the age of fifty. If you are interested in learning more about our Endoscopic services please call Tammie at 544-3008.

We have had more good news that has come our way. I had an opportunity to speak with Dr. Opara from Dumas this morning. If you remember from earlier articles, Dr. Opara is an Internal Medicine Physician that specializes in Cardiology. All required information has been sent for him to receive his Oklahoma license and it is hoped that we will be able to host him as early as April 22. My wife is a Registered Nurse in Dumas and has worked with Dr. Opara. Angela has the highest respect for him and stated that he was a skilled physician who had a pleasant demeanor. I am thankful that Dr. Opara has agreed to bring this service to Cimarron County. When I told him of our situation and how we were rebuilding the stability of our facility he asked me how he could help. I am indebted to him for his kindness.

I have more promising news to impart upon you. When I originally started my search for a physician, I had numerous members of our community come forward and respond that they would like to see Dr. Gary Mathews from Kerrick practicing here at Cimarron Memorial. Well we are close to completing his Oklahoma license. I have been very impressed with Dr. Mathews as he has a genuine caring manner, and if I may express a more personal feeling, a down home attitude that reminds me of Dr. Wheeler. Dr. Mathews and I were discussing the departure of Dr. Yoganandan and he said, “let me know what I can do to help.” I feel that Dr. Mathews will make a fine addition and am looking forward to having him at our facility. My sincere impression of him is that he understands our vision to serve our community and wants to lend a hand.

You might remember in my last article that Dr. Wheeler expressed interest in coming out of retirement. After Dr. Yoganandan leaves, Dr. Wheeler will start covering more days in the clinic. When we last spoke I told him that he could do as much or as little as he wanted to. My intentions are to let him choose whatever days he would like to work and build a schedule around him. In the near future I might be able to place an advertisement in the paper stating the days of operation for his services. I think that Dr. Wheeler is not only a brilliant man and have had numerous people tell me so. He has given birth to a large majority of the population here and been present when many have passed from this life into the arms of their maker and the highest regards that I can say for the man is that he is my friend. Welcome back Dr. Wheeler!

While I provide information that is pertinent to me in this forum I may not necessarily answer all of your questions. I would like to reiterate that I work for you, the members of Cimarron County and would like to remind you that if you have any unanswered questions that you call me at 544-2501 ext. 210, or just stop by. My door is always open.

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