by Norma Jean Young

The past week-end has been the wildest I have ever experienced. Of course, this is the first time I've celebrated my 80 th birthday. Believe me, it can take a lot out of you.

My daughter, Christy, and her friend, Gil, were here from Tulsa; daughter, Laura, and husband, Dan, came from Elkhart; granddaughter, Shannon, and friend, Maurio, showed up from Guymon, and matters grew wilder with each arrival. My other granddaughter, Kendra, and two cousins, Sandie and Diana, phoned to wish me a bunch of nonsense.

Among the numerous gifts I received was a cane, since I am to the age to need one. It is decorated with a picture of an old person walking around with a cane, I presume to teach me to handle it. There is a huge black bow on it to celebrate my advanced years; a horn that blares quite loudly when I squeeze it; a small plastic coin purse so I'll be prepared for parking meters, (no money inside, of course) and a rear-view mirror. All this will come in handy I'm sure.

All the family know I like dinosaurs, so they brought me more than a dozen small ones, most of which are the stick-on variety, hidden here and there. I will probably be finding them for the next six months. I am not a fan of Elvis Presley, but they keep trying to cure me of that, so someone gave me a small metal guitar-shaped box of chocolate mints that has Elvis's picture and autograph on the front. The box says “take 1-2 to have rockin' breath!” Among other gifts were food and clothing, but these paled in view of the aforementioned treasures.

If they had really been trying to help me they could have given me a supply of dark hair dye and some of that stuff I've heard about that prevents wrinkles. They just weren't putting their brains to work.

But happy birthday to me! And in another few days my friends, Lois Garner and Margie Bauer Moore will be in the same shape I'm in. Happy birthday to them!

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