My cousin, Sandie Cook of Canadian, TX, is a whiz on her computer, and she recently came up with some mostly-forgotten information on Cimarron County that she thought would bring back some memories to those who have been around a long time. This list of county businesses is from 1917. Some of the locations will be a surprise to a lot of younger residents.

BERTRAM —J. A. Hornbeck, general store. B. A. & C. Q. Mallory, grocery store.

BOISE CITY —Boise City Mercantile (no name included). L. A. Denny, autos. Roy Hackenburg, cobbler. R. F. Hall, drugs. R. C. Thomas, publisher. Thomas & Finch, garage.

GARLINGTON (pop. 55)—H. C. Garlington, general store.

GRIGGS —John C. Wells, general store.

HIDALGO (pop. 5)—L. P. Palmer, general store.

HURLEY —C. W. Myers, telephone exchange and drugs.

KENTON (pop. 145)—H. W. Bailey & Sons, blacksmith and garage. Henry Beerly, autos. Cimarron Supply Co. B. F. Clements, variety store. W. M. Eddy, publisher. F. R. Guy, publisher. H. A. Hughes, telephone. Kenton Drug Co., patent medicines. D. K. Lord & Co., lumber and grain. Pioneer Auto Co, cars and bicycles. Guy W. Slack & Co., general store. Ira J. Williams, groceries.

MEXHOMA —Forrest F. Bourk, general store.

MIDWELL —J. Eden, general store.

SAMPSEL (pop. 7)—Jas. Duffield, grocery, hardware and implements.

WHEELESS (pop. 6)—J. E. Talbert, general store.

WILKINS —A. M. Russell, grocery.


In a separate section, a run-down was given on the two banks in the county:

FIRST STATE BANK , Boise City—surplus $1,800. Officers: H. F. Johnson, president; M. W. Pugh, vice-president; H. L. Johnson, cashier.

CIMARRON COUNTY BANK , Kenton—surplus $4,100. Officers: H. J. Hammond, president; H. J. Hammond, Jr., vice-president; B. F. Behimer, cashier.

This folder sent from Sandie will be taken to the museum for anyone to examine more closely.




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